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About Shakshi Himmatramka

As an efficient engineer passionate about the Autonomous Systems Design, Control System Development and Product Development, I am eager to bring about innovative contribution in these fields. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Control of Robotics and Autonomous Systems from the University of California, Berkeley. I did my under graduation in Mechanical Engineering from University of Mumbai and I was ranked overall 3rd in my college of engineering. My notable academic ranking is a testament to my ability to judiciously devote time to academics while overseeing the operations of the project.

Project and Research

General Motors

My long-lasting fascination for cars has taught me that the quality and comfort of the automobile is paramount. As a customer and an engineer who has worked on cars before, I have great respect for General Motors for its attention to detail. While optimizing vehicle performance is essential, prioritizing customer experience should be one of the goals of automakers, especially in countries where roads are rid of potholes.

Women Personal Safety Device

In many situations women feel unsafe when they are traveling outside their home. The fact of having to be vigilant and careful at all times is very taxing on their mental well-being. This feeling of anxiety prevents women from leaving their homes and feeling confident outside by themselves. In addition to the direct consequences of the women suffering from this vulnerability,

Automobile Radiator Design and Validation

The purpose of this research was to primarily design a cooling system for a formula styled race-car and validate the system using real-time performance. This research has been published in International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET). Following is the procedure for the research conducted.

Aerodynamic Design and Analysis

The aerodynamic package was designed to be relatively simple, because of limited time for both design and manufacturing. The main aim of implementing an aero package was to enlarge the boundaries of the G-G diagram, i.e. to generate downforce, which would result in lower lap times. Other goals were cooling enhancement and achievement of aerodynamic balance (i.e. neutral behavior in terms of car handling).

DJS Racing

DJS Racing is the Formula Student team of Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering, Vile Parle, Mumbai. We are a team of 120 students representing our college at Formula Student Competitions in India as well as at Germany and Austria, where we design and manufacture Formula style racecar prototypes. I have worked in the team for 3 years and constantly pushed the limits in the field of combustion racecars.

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