About Shakshi Himmatramka

As an efficient engineer passionate about the Autonomous Systems Design, Control System Development and Product Development, I am eager to bring about innovative contribution in these fields. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Control of Robotics and Autonomous Systems from the University of California, Berkeley. I did my under graduation in Mechanical Engineering from University of Mumbai and I was ranked overall 3rd in my college of engineering. My notable academic ranking is a testament to my ability to judiciously devote time to academics while overseeing the operations of the project.

As my Capstone Project, I am working in collaboration with General Motors to simulate the electrified driveline model and to design a control system to dampen the vibrations. I also have three years of experience being the Technical Lead in the Formula Student Team. My role herein was to manage the operations of the team and the technical departments. I worked on the design, fabrication and testing of powertrain and the aerodynamic components of the vehicle. This project gave me opportunities to participate in international competitions in Germany and Austria, which helped me broaden my horizon through intercultural skills and connect with people from diverse regions.

I led the presentation in the Design and Cost events where the team had to effectively communicate the vehicle design procedures to the jury expertise in the field. It was certainly a proud moment winning accolades in these events and driving the team towards success. Along with my project, I was an operational lead at SAE Student Chapter, wherein I was tasked with coordinating and inviting eminent luminaries to deliver lectures based on prevailing engineering trends and promoting green technology. In order to understand the corporate environment and customer needs, I worked with Dhuru Engineers, where I identified the clients need for faster production and therefore replaced the mechanical clamping devices with the pneumatic ones. These experiences not only helped me develop technical acumen but also helped me hone my leadership, management and communication skills.

I’ve been fortunate to pursue opportunities which helped me accumulate sufficient experience in Research, Data Analysis, Computer interaction, Mathematics and Critical Thinking. I also advanced proficiency in the Analytical Softwares, CAD, Object-Oriented Softwares and Database user interface. I know my experience in engineering along with my capacity for out of the box thinking and the ability to mingle with people hailing from diverse regions, I will be able to make positive changes in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

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