DJS Racing

DJS Racing is the Formula Student team of Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering, Vile Parle, Mumbai. We are a team of 120 students representing our college at Formula Student Competitions in India as well as at Germany and Austria, where we design and manufacture Formula style racecar prototypes. I have worked in the team for 3 years and constantly pushed the limits in the field of combustion racecars.

DJS Racing is rear-wheel drive single cylinder rear engine. Ten-inch wheels with Hoosier tires actuate sidemounted dampers through the pull-rod system in front and pushrod system in the rear. The aerodynamic package is designed for a downward coefficient of 2.86 and is connected to the Tubular Space Frame chassis.




Total Weight of the car = 182kg
Concept of the car:
· Increase Performance
· Light Weight
· Testing
· Vehicle dynamics stability
Key Features:
· Full Aerodynamics Package with Drag Reduction System
· Improved Kinematics with Ohlins TTX 25 Suspension with Carbon Fibre Wishbones
· Faster gear shifting using Servo Actuated Clutch and Electro-Pneumatic Shifter
1. Winner of the Cost Event at Formula Student Austria 2018.
2. Completed all dynamic events at Formula Student Germany 2017.
3. Winner of Design, Cost and Skidpad Event at Formula Bharat 2018 and ranked 4th Overall.
4. Winner of the Design and Efficiency event at Formula Bharat 2018.

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